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By Franco | 13 December 2019 | 0 Comments | 15841 Views

Review on Auguse MTL 22mm RTA

The Auguse mtl 22mm rta and its accessories were sent to me by 2Fdeal in these two transparent plastic cases, the appearance of this packaging visually makes the "clone" effect a bit, in one there are the complete atom, in the other the acrylic tank and the acrylic mixed tank + SS with spare parts

Packages include
1 Auguse MTL 22mm RTA complete with Tank 4ml in PEI pre-installed.
1 spare acrylic tank
1 spare tank in SS + Acrylic
4 Different Under-Coil Nozzles (1 is pre-installed)
1 Spare Part's envelope
Pin 510 in gold plated brass
Diameter 22 mm
Height 36.8 mm
Capacity 4 ml
Weight 82 g
Deck with single coil construction.
Lateral leg block
Liquid control
Five different sub-coil nozzles (0.8、1.0、1.2、1.5、2.0mm)

The choice of spare parts available on 2Fdeal is also very good: 2Fdeal - Premium Vape Store for Worldwide

The deck is completely removable for cleaning.

The gold plated brass Pin 510 on the bottom of the atom as we saw in the previous image allows us to open the deck simply by unscrewing it.

The under hole with no nozzle measures 3.5mm

For the calibration we have 5 different sub-coil nozzles (0.8、1.0、1.2、1.5、2.0mm) which are inserted and removed with a beaked pincer, are equipped with o'ring and guarantee an excellent seal with a precise adjustment without drafts.

The coils of the coil tighten laterally, this operation is relatively simple if you want to fix them with your legs on, (I like to fix them with your legs underneath) and here there is a little more trouble as between the upper edge of the tub and the lower end of the screws and their heads there is not much space unless you use a 30Ga wire, otherwise you need to unscrew them almost completely to recover the space to insert the wire.

As a length for the cotton I took as a reference the outer edge of the deck

The Anguse MTL RTA feeds very well so I didn't skimp in the quantity of cotton in its buttonholes.

Now with the regenerated deck we go to see how the chimney and its bell are made, this operation indicates how the tank is extracted (the atom has the refill from the bottom)

Here you can see the 2 sealing rings in the upper part of the fireplace and the laser-engraved logo on the outside of the bell.

The bell internally measures 13mm while it has a depth of 12, the dome has a conical profile up to the initial hole of the chimney with a diameter of 4mm.

Once the chimney is reinserted in the tank, we can make the refill from the bottom always keeping the tank upside down, then we can screw the deck, a discordant note is the surface of the deck completely smooth, I would have preferred a knurled solution to offer more grip to the fingers in phase of screwing / unscrewing.
With the 2 "full" acrylic and pei tanks I didn't have any problems, but with the tank dismantled (acrylic + SS), especially in the unscrewing phase, it often happens that you unscrew the tank in its junction and not the deck.
In this image we can see the airflow loop (fixed), the surface of the smooth deck and a small air bubble that comes out of the liquid supply channels of the coil.

This image shows in detail the operation of liquid adjustment, an option that I consider very useful, I usually keep it on a hole and not even completely open, as the Auguse feeds quite well.

The original Tip has a hole of about 3mm against the 4mm of the chimney and an error found on several other atoms and which favors the accumulation of condensation in this area, to avoid condensation and effect is not connected to it (usually step). although this is not the case, I replaced it with good results with one having the same diameter as the chimney.

Original Tip

Replacement Tip

Final Considerations

Before trying this Auguse MTL RTA already foreshadowed me and I liked its adjustment of the liquid as an idea, while I was quite skeptical about two other constructive choices; the Refill from below and the non-adjustable external airflow.

On these constructive choices I can now make some considerations:
- I found the regulation of the liquid in an RTA like this and I find it a very useful option, the Auguse of it feeds very well (almost too much), I therefore keep the adjustment positioned on a single hole and almost completely closed, without problems of dry.

- I like the refill from the bottom up as I did, but seeing the Auguse's exemplary and absolutely leak-free operation I think it takes a few more seconds for this operation, we all know that the refill from the bottom (when possible) is a real cure for having the tank almost watertight, remember the berserker? it was a must or almost the refill from below to limit the problems.

- The fixed and non-adjustable airflow is not a problem, because once you find the right size nozzle we're going to put under the coil all the work will do it very well the latter. I like that one from 1.5 and I alternate it with the 1.2 that I find a bit too contrasty (for my taste)

I did some tests and for my liquids (Twisted Royal Crown, T-Svapo Hazelnut, Pack al'o Caramel) I feel good with 5 coils of Ka1 27Ga on a 2.5mm tip, the 0.70Ω coil pushes it to about 18W, build this atom is not difficult if you choose to keep the leg up, but it is a little more challenging if you choose to lock it down due to the almost zero space between the heads of the screws and the upper edge of the tanks, while the first leg can be easily inserted between the head and the turret, for the second it is necessary to unscrew the screw almost completely to recover the space to make it pass and block it. (I like to keep them down despite this complication)

- Pleasant and simple aesthetics
-Precise adjustment of the pull and relative tightness
-Fluid and very smooth operation
- As an aromatic yield I found it at the level of the Precisio of BD vape.
- Absence of losses

- Slippery check to unscrew for the lower refill
-Tip not connected to the chimney
-Acrylic composite tank + SS which tends to unscrew in its joint
- Complicated side leg lock if you want to keep them down

In the end this Auguse MTL RTA with new drip-Tip has found its permanent home on my Pico Mega, I liked it enough so I would recommend it, it will certainly not be the top but it is part of those that work really well and is not little thing.